with Jasmine Bina

We believe if we can’t see it in our culture, then we can’t know it in the market.

Unseen Unknown is a brand and business strategy podcast about the hidden threads that connect even the most distant of cultural concepts.

We look at the emerging trends and behaviors that may be pointing to a deeper truth and ask the bigger question, “Why is society moving in this direction, and how can we apply it to business?”

From retail and consumerism to politics, gender, identity and values, there are patterns everywhere that illuminate a path forward for brands.

Your hosts, Jasmine Bina and Jean-Louis Rawlence, are brand strategists and futurists that explore these questions every day in their work for companies around the world.

What happens when the world suddenly reconfigures itself around a very different kind of relationship? The last 20 years of social innovation has leaned into weak ties: distant social relationships that allowed us to trust and extract value on platforms like Yelp, LinkedIn and Facebook. But the next 20 years are already shaping up to look very different. 

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