Shaping New and Defensible Spaces


Our high-touch process isn’t just about creating a good brand for today. It’s about creating a strong brand that lives in the future, and creates just enough tension to pull your users into a new world with new meaning.

That’s the world that your brand is positioned to win in.

We work in deep collaboration with your team to unpack the hidden forces and perceptions emerging in your space, and create a compelling identity that lives across all divisions and functions of your business. Our strategy will inform every decision you make – from marketing and communications to talent and operations – so that each move only accelerates growth and defensibility.

How We Move Brands Forward

Create Markets

Innovations don’t thrive in legacy markets. We push our frameworks and processes to the edge of your space. That creates opportunities for new markets that compel users to drop their biases, change their behaviors, and filter competitors out of the consideration set.

Create Movements

Movements can be subtle or profound, but they are always happening beneath the surface. We know how to spot the early signals of a consumer shift and how to leverage them for future-focused brands that want to capture a market instead of being forced to follow it.

Create Bonds

The brand-consumer bond is evolving to include a lot more than quality, price and convenience. The new intangibles of a strong user connection need to be woven into the fabric of a brand experience, and engineer the kinds of bonds that go deeper than a product can.

I’ve worked with many brand professionals over the years and can say with confidence that Jasmine, Jean Louis and the Concept Bureau are the best. They are uniquely gifted at marrying customer insight, market dynamics, product insight and culture trends to produce brand strategy that’s differentiated, defensible, and designed to stand the test of time.

Run, do not walk, to hire Jasmine and Jean Louis. Your brand will be better for it.

Jaleh Bisharat
CEO, NakedPoppy

Fundamentals of Our Approach

Deep research that walks us into the future.

We believe a powerful brand strategy is also a powerful business strategy. Every decision you make, today and into the future, will be based on the deeper patterns, signals and intel that we will surface in our work.

Real growth that comes from strong defensibility.

Growth doesn’t just happen in conversion. We also focus our strategies to earn attention capital, loyalty and reputation. Your message doesn’t need to be the loudest. It needs to be the most resonant with your audience.

A tightly woven culture across your company’s teams

Our strategies create a shared context across your users, your employees, and all of your business activities. Through our process and comprehensive onboarding, your team will learn to think and act strategically, with confidence and commitment to your brand’s identity.

List of our services :

Brand Strategy & Identity
Market Strategy
Category Creation
Market Forecasting
Consumer/ Investor Narrative
Voice and Language
Media Narrative
Tactical Planning
Content Planning
Creative Ideation

Office hours

Been following our work for a while and just need an hour or two of brainstorming to vet your brand ideas?
We offer hourly consulting on a limited, case-by-case basis. Click here to learn more and book.

Available bi-weekly on Thursdays.

Virtual Workshops & Talks

We currently offer bespoke corporate workshops and speaking engagements with some excellent, needle-moving frameworks and topics (if we do say so ourselves) that will uplevel your team in a day.

These are highly engaging, provocative sessions that will mobilize your team in a unified direction in brand building. We bring our proprietary processes and insights, you bring your people. It’ll be a good time.

Our team found the workshop engaging, enlightening, and most importantly, challenging. Concept Bureau helped us to see our brand from a new perspective, ask hard questions about our work, and understand the value of owning a story in the market. We now have a shared language and understanding of what brand means and its value. We’ve used the tools and concepts multiple times in the past few months to work through narratives and build stronger creative concepts.

Jami Oetting
Director, Brand & Editorial at HubSpot

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Think With Us:

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