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We have a personal passion for understanding why the world works the way that it does. We’re constantly working to decode hidden structures in our culture, the reinvention of identities and ideas, and most importantly, the stories that force people to move.

We continuously publish our latest thinking in articles, podcasts, videos and seminars because part of our exploration is about sharing our ideas and inviting other thinkers into the mix. We’re glad you’re here in the mix with us now, too.

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Working with Jasmine has been an ah-ha moment for me. She’s uncovered the future of our industry and culture in a way I haven’t seen before. This is more than strategy – it’s changing the playing field.

Sophia Amoruso
Amoruso & Co, Girlboss

Jean-Louis Rawlence

CSO of Concept Bureau

It’s difficult to describe the power of good brand strategy but when done well, it will fundamentally change your business strategy. The Concept Bureau weaved the disparate elements of our nascent business – a unique product formulation, brand history, and biographies – into a narrative that fits within the larger context of pain relief and the wellness movement.

Their strategy immediately allowed us to expand our offerings and to redefine our relationship with the customer. As a startup, investing in brand strategy was a risk but Jasmine and Jean-Louis came through with work that has become a reference point for all our business decisions.

Yen Tse Yap
CEO, Painfix

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