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It’s hard for brands to resist wanting to be better than the competitor in their brand messaging, and the trap hides in the most unexpected of places. 

Faster, cheaper, easier, more responsive, superior service, voted #1,  top rated, guaranteed… these are all just other ways of saying “better” without saying it outright.

But when you focus on being different, not better, you shift the paradigm. A shifted perspective allows you to uncouple from all of the rules that put your competitor in the spotlight, and build a brand that changes the way people behave.


What you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be different, not better, and how to read the landscape players to understand where true competition is coming from
  • The varied ways to own “different” in your category and get users to stop comparing features and pricing, and instead start asking themselves which brand gives them the deeper benefit they’re really looking for
  • How to create new value by looking outside of your space and category, and creating connections that users will care about
  • What it takes to move from aspirational branding to lifestyle branding, and the signals your user needs to understand how your brand is different 

we would love to get to know you:

Concept Bureau will blow your mind. Through their methodology of research, competitive analysis, extensive knowledge of culture, and overall smarts distilled the essence of our brand. They unearthed and discovered all the things that make our brand special. It’s a great feeling to have our brand be understood on such a deep level. This strategy puts us in a league all our own for the long term. Can’t recommend them enough.

Laura Glover
CEO, Daydreamer

A shifted perspective allows you to uncouple from all of the rules that put your competitor in the spotlight. You may think your users care about ‘better’, but that’s only because you haven’t given them anything bigger. – from How To Be Different, Not Better.

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