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Strategic Lessons to Take Into The New Year

Our best content for approaching 2024


Times of rest are a strategic goldmine.

Strategy requires all kinds of executive functions to fire at once, and sometimes a resting brain is the most effective for that kind of synchronized mental labor. So while you play this holiday, let your subconscious work.

Start by thinking of the landscape that will meet you in 2024. It will have a hundred surprises and pivots, but behind them all will be a singular challenge.

And you probably already know what that challenge is.

For some brands it may be the need for deep community, while for others it may be positioning or to to create a sense of order.

The fact is that despite all the incremental frictions that will crop up, big challenges like these will be at the base of everything. And if you already know what the challenge is, you might as well let your brain work on it while you rest this holiday season.

We’ve gathered some of our most popular pieces from 2023 and organized them by brand challenge. Choose your adventure below, and let your subconscious do the heavy lifting.

#1. For the CMO that needs a breakthrough opportunity:

#2. For the CEO that needs to own the culture of a category:

#3. For the brand owner that needs to predict the future:

#4. For the strategist that needs to find the lever in the system:

#5: For the researcher that needs to change a belief or behavior:


[BONUS] I lied a little. Our #1 most read post by far this year was the announcement of Exposure Therapy last week. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It’s a guided community for strategists that will open up your world.

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