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TLDR Strategy: Strong Brands Ask, Weak Brands Answer

You may not realize it but the world can be divided into two kinds of brands: those that ask the questions, and those that answer them.

Leaders are often compelled to create the kind of brands that answer. ‘This is how you should shop. This is the best way to dress. These are the products that will solve all of your problems.’…

But smart brands don’t fall into the answer trap. Instead, they exist to pose the big questions that matter.

Pantone vs. Crayola, Google and Facebook vs. everyone else, Unilever and P&G vs. a world of upstarts – all of these spaces have brands that were shortsighted enough to answer compared to those that were smart enough to ask.

Asking questions leads to a path forward, while answering questions leads to a dead end.

This is an abstract concept, but an extremely important one. I dive into all of these examples and show you exactly how an asking approach differs from one that answers.

Once you see the pattern around you, you’ll understand how to navigate your space in order to create a powerful brand position.

Read the full case study on “Strong Brands Ask, Weak Brands Answer” with examples, here.

Written By
Jasmine Bina​

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