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TLDR Strategy: Brand Tension

When brands create tension, they force people to move.

Tension turns people into lovers and haters, but the one thing it doesn’t allow is for people to sit still. That’s good, because the last thing you want is a brand that’s ’nice’ or a brand that people are indifferent to.

Tension can come from a few places, such as comparing what is to what could be, or unearthing a new belief. Whatever the source of tension is, it 1) has to be about the user and 2) has to be consistent.

When done right, it creates loyalists and avid fans.

When done wrong, it can make people angry (Pepsi, anyone?) This video shows you the right and wrong way to create tension that actually moves people.

Read the full case study on “The Magical Art of Making People Move With Brand Tension” with examples, here.

Written By
Jasmine Bina​

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