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Announcing A New Community for Strategic Minds

Evolve your work and yourself.


I am incredibly thrilled to share something new with you today.

Exposure Therapy is a community for strategic minds that will open up your world.

We’ve created a space where you’ll always be exposed to provocative new insights, will understand the future of markets, culture and human behavior, can connect deeply with other strategic thinkers, and 10x your strategic abilities.

It’s exposure for your strategic mind, and therapy for your strategic soul.

This is not another glorified group chat.

We’ve made this a very intentional community with immersive events, cultural and future explorations, and provocative ideas:

  • Monthly Strategic Topics with expert roundtables, community discussions, and original research
  • Immersive LA/ SF/ NYC Dinners (not to be missed)
  • Strategy Office Hours
  • Personal Intros and Connections
  • Deep Resource Archives

Each month we’ll expose you to a big idea that is either strategically or culturally relevant.

Then we go deep. You’ll have a chance to join expert roundtables and community discussions, explore shared ideas, and see our original research focused on that topic. Our goal is to explore from every possible angle.

The topics are exciting and far-ranging, from “Positioning & Storytelling” and “Personal Branding” to “Modern Riches” and “Eternal Youth”.

Individually, they will help you understand the landscape.

Together, they help you understand how the world works, and help you predict the future so you can own it.

See our full 2024 calendar of topics below:

If you’re a brand strategist, marketer, CEO, CMO, futurist, culture & behavior thinker, researcher, or anyone doing exciting things in branding and the strategic front, Exposure Therapy will speak to you.

This whole community started with a single belief: Strategy is everything.

It’s how you build a brand, win a market, move in the world, and live meaningfully. It’s also a demanding lifelong practice.

But so many of us have to do it alone, without a roadmap or community of inspiration. Being a true strategist means cultivating a fearless mind and staying in constant pursuit of knowledge. It means understanding culture and behavior, and grasping the forces that govern the future of markets.

Strategy is how you thrive.

If you’re reading this and you know us at Concept Bureau, you probably already feel this in your bones, but you also probably don’t feel like you get the exposure and connection you need.

If you did, you’d be unstoppable.

We built this for you.

Come join us.

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