We’re a boutique brand strategy agency looking for a Full Time Market and Culture Researcher to serve our portfolio of clients at Concept Bureau. Our company has the privilege of doing research across a breadth of exciting categories and some of our recent clients include one of the largest plus size clothing brands, one of the fastest growing alternative dating apps, a disruptor brand in the consumer finance space, a public future-of-work platform, and an addiction startup.

We’re a company built on insights. Most brand strategy agencies build brands that sound good or look nice, but very few build defensible brands that are designed to move consumer markets like we do. Our success begins with a wealth of deep, below-the-surface research. 

We’re looking for someone to own our research process from beginning to end.

As the Market and Culture Researcher in our group, you’ll be coordinating directly with clients, their research and insights teams as well as research vendors which include panel and sourcing companies. The person in this role must take ownership and actually write all of their own compelling surveys, personally handle qualitative interviews, and manage all research projects from beginning to end.

Most importantly, you must be a storyteller. In addition to doing the research, you’ll be responsible for crafting compelling stories and presenting your findings with the support of our team.

We’ve developed and iterated specific processes and frameworks for our research, which we’ll train and support you in, but ultimately you will take ownership of the research. We will enable you to push our research process further and uncover the uncommon insights most companies and teams miss.


Who YOU are

The right person for this role will be extremely well-versed in quantitative and qualitative research methods, including 1:1 interviewing and survey design and analysis. You are more than just an interviewer but intuitively use your social intelligence to ask the hard questions while being approachable. 

You’re fascinated with emerging cultural trends and have the desire to learn why they are happening. You are naturally curious when researching, organizing and distilling large amounts of primary and secondary data to find compelling patterns, and can make strong arguments for the direction that a market, consumer segment, or culture is headed. This means being able to find information in areas that are unknown and not obvious to everyone else. 

Above all else, you are a storyteller who knows how to take many pieces of data and insight, and weave them together to tell one compelling story that points the direction for the brand strategy. 

In a perfect world you would be based in LA, but we know that amazing researchers are everywhere so you must be able to work within our time zone.

Links to give you a better idea of our thinking and approach:

Some of your Responsibilities

  • Research Management and Strategist:
    • Design and conduct high quality primary research studies – both qualitative and quantitative – to uncover hidden attitudes and beliefs and deepen our understanding of spaces and consumers. We want to stress this is not about simple pricing or gauging of attitudes – this is thinking creatively about how to unearth valuable consumer triggers that have gone undiscovered in the market, and requires a strategic thinker to be done right. 
    • Must be proficient in SurveyMonkey and other common research tools. We use Displayr as our primary analysis tool and are open to the right candidate who may need to learn this tool quickly, but you should have strong experience with the other major tools in this category. 
    • Conduct in-depth secondary research of market trends in multiple consumer and B2B categories, pulling from a vast array of resources to find strong themes and patterns  
    • Conduct predictive analysis about where a space or consumer is headed in the next 3-5 years 
    • Coordinate all research efforts, scheduling, quotes, incentives, reimbursements, and managing data while remaining highly organized
  • Collaboration and Development:
    • Develop consistent research methodologies and processes that allow for collaboration among the team. This means finding ways to continually improve our team’s ability to understand and use your research.
    • Work with the larger team to fine-tune insights around brand trends, competitive forces, and user psychographics
    • Define the tone of Concept Bureau research and thought leadership by presenting engaging analysis and findings on market/ brand/ culture trends and data. Inspire confidence in our clients by knowing the data inside out, and more importantly, knowing what the second order insights are when combined with other research – not just what is written in the survey results.
  • Client Strategy and Process:
    • Develop compellingly written research and insights presentation materials, and independently present findings to client leadership teams
    • Collect and consolidate qualitative / quantitative intelligence on consumers, competitors and the market into actionable recommendations for clients
    • Proactively and relentlessly learn about culture, psychology, human behavior, and market dynamics in order to advance the team’s understanding in strategy, and propel the quality of our client work forward

Skills and qualities we’re Looking For

  • 3+ years of experience as a researcher, analyst or similar role  
  • Experience designing qualitative discussion guides and conducting in-depth interviews that go beyond surface level insights to uncover hidden motivators
  • Knowledge of survey design and analysis best practices and experience designing questionnaires that go beyond the obvious insights, conducting surveys that dig deeper than the usual capturing of consumer attitudes, and analyzing survey data 
  • Familiarity with market research panels and best practices for sample design 
  • Ability to take large amounts of data, find compelling patterns, and make strong arguments for the direction that a market, consumer segment, or culture is headed
  • Excellent presenter and strong, persuasive writer – these are critical
  • Culturally tapped in
  • Excellent research and analysis skills
  • Creative thinker, strong collaborator, and positive spirit
  • Demonstrated ability to work autonomously
  • Proven ability to take the initiative on projects

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