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One Interesting Thing – Episode 2

The Nature of Intelligence

Intelligence is a tricky subject to define, and yet those who have it tend to dominate our media, our education, our pop culture and even our personal relationships.

But what if intelligence isn’t what we think it is? What if, instead, intelligence is the perceived ability to predict the future?

When you take inventory of all the influential voices we turn to in our society, is it those with wisdom that we deify, or is it rather those who are willing to make a prediction about where we are headed? In fact, it seems like the wilder the prediction, the more intelligence we attribute to that person – and that has huge implications for our cultural perspectives.

For this intimate episode, we’re going into the home of Brandon Kleinman. Brandon is the founder of Opus, a serial entrepreneur, creator, and former Global Director of Strategy for Chiat Day who also works to support underprivileged and underrepresented entrepreneurs around the world. He’s also fascinated by the nature of intelligence and takes us on a journey through his life and his observations on the topic.

Written By
Jasmine Bina​

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